Laura transformed my daughter’s room from a little girl’s to a teenager’s paradise. Laura was efficient, cost effective and extremely timely. Her knowledge of finding hidden treasures at low cost makes her a great and unique interior designer. She was able to work directly with my teenage daughter for design and myself for budget.
— Heidi F. • Hanover Township, NJ

It is a pleasure to recommend Interiors by Laura. I was one of Laura’s first official jobs and working with Laura was more fun than work. Laura’s instinct and unassuming ways made finding my own personal sense of style a breeze. Typically shopping for household décor was a headache of indecision for me. Laura brought it all to me, she would ask me what my thoughts were, then go out and get a couple samples for my review and somehow put it all together so perfectly! Now, I’m no longer embarrassed to have people over to my house. I feel more relaxed in my home when entertaining. Laura and I weren’t close before my contracting her services but now I consider her more of a friend than anything else. For an affordable approach to revitalizing your home I fully recommend using Interiors by Laura.
— Monica B. • Cedar Knolls, NJ

I used to have tons of anxiety the minute I walked in my home. Everything felt cluttered and disorganized, and there was no flow to the house. My husband and I had collected so much stuff since we created our life together, but things were out of place and clashed with each other and did not maximize the space in our house. Then we called Laura. She instantaneously had a vision for our house, and she helped us reorganize, de-clutter, move things around and create a home that truly fits our personalities. I now look forward to being in each room in my home. The master bedroom is a place of solace and comfort. The playroom is now organized and adorable and has a great office space for my husband and I to work at while our kids are busy with their games. Our dining room is inviting and ready for entertaining, and our living room is cozy and beautiful. Thanks to her vision and help, I now can’t wait to be in my home! She is an expert!
— Adria B. • Whippany, NJ

Laura Credico is a creative, innovative designer. Laura is patient, kind, thoughtful, and presents her ideas with passion, enthusiasm and always has the client’s preferences in mind. She is extremely attentive to detail, always checking in with her clients and really understands her clients. She is also intuitive when it comes to design and really created a beautiful, cozy, living environment for our family. I feel like I live in a brand new home that is modern, beautiful, creative and just so comfortable! I receive so many compliments on our new living room, entryway, hallway, and dining room. I am so thankful and appreciative for all that she has done! I would recommend her designer expertise to all my friends, colleagues and family!
— Lisa B. • Hanover Township, NJ

We had been in our house for almost a year and our family room was cold and sterile. Thanks to Laura’s talents, the room now has beautiful touches and captures the rustic feel that we love. The main wall is the highlight with a gorgeous collage arrangement. So happy to have the focal room we all spend time in finally feel like home!
— Jessica D. • Randolph, NJ

Three years ago we purchased a new home and we were left with the daunting task of having to pick out paint colors for every room in the house. I knew the basic look that I wanted but was unsure of how to go about selecting colors. Laura graciously offered to sit with me to help me put it all together. Laura is very creative in her use of colors and has an innate ability to match and blend colors. She has a great sense of style and final vision for the projects that she is working on.
Laura recently guided me in selecting out a paint color for our newly remodeled master bath. Using only a brief description of the new tiles and a small picture, she was able to pick out several color choices that would work best. When I met with her she had all the paint swatches available for me to see and she spent extra time showing me various websites that offered a glance at the paint color choices in actual rooms.
Laura is very dedicated to what she does. I would not hesitate in recommending Laura as an extremely reliable and talented designer.
— Lori A. • Whippany, NJ